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National Coastwatch - Mundesley
Our Work

National Coastwatch - Mundesley is made up of around 50 Watchkeepers who give their time voluntarily (usually 2 hours each, per week).  They come from many backgrounds and occupations including men and women from the armed services, doctors, nurses, farmers, pilots, publicans, teachers, housewives, professional footballers policemen, firefighters, lawyers, lorry drivers, RNLI lifeboatmen, fishermen, coalminers, etc.  Our aim is to provide a watchful pair of eyes, where there would otherwise be none.

An accurate log of all activities is kept and local sea and weather conditions are passed on to HM Coastguard, and to any other sea and shore users when requested.                    

For 10 hours of every day of the year (between 8am and 6pm) our volunteers keep a visual lookout over 180 square miles of the inshore waters of the North Sea, along the beach, shoreline, cliff-top and promenade.  Watchkeepers remain vigilant at all times, using radar, VHF radio and other equipment, and are trained how to act in an emergency, reporting to HM Coastguard who co-ordinate the Search and Rescue services.

National Coastwatch - Mundesley works closely with HM Coastguard and has a Declared Facility Status, enabling us to be an integral part of the Search and Rescue operation.  This status requires the station to be assessed annually by way of a live exercise.                                  

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