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Buckingham Palace Garden Party
The group from  National Coastwatch - Mundesley mustered on Cromer Station at 1045 am.  Coffee and sandwiches on the noon train from Norwich steadied nerves and suddenly it was all happening.

We entered the Palace garden through the Grosvenor Gate (smaller queue), passing the fashion parade coming up the Mall from the overflow car parks.  The good natured police presence and efficient check-in system took us into a quieter, greener Royal parkland garden.

.............Mari and Richard
From left to right:  Richard, Mari, Judith and Ray
The group:

Richard  -  Founder and President of NCI Mundesley.

Mari  -  ex WRNS Officer and Watchkeeper since 1995

Judith  -  member of the public, who kindly took the time to nominate us for this Award

Ray  -  Station Manager of NCI Mundesley 2005 - 2011
We enjoyed over three hours of wonder, shared delight, people-watching and sight-seeing.  Sunshine and high fashion, uniforms and colourful costumes, light music from two military bands and quiet chatter filled the afternoon.

The Queen, in bright cerise, was as always gracious and happy to walk slowly from side to side, chatting to guests who caught her eye.  Chaperoned by men in morning dress, ladies-in-waiting and a proud squad of Beefeaters.

Lasting impressions were of a very special day shared with friends and happy guests, delighted to be outside in perfect weather enjoying an afternoon tea 'par excellence'.

The National Anthem at 6 marked the conclusion of this Royal Garden Party and we departed via the central saloons, into the courtyard, through the main entrance and out to the main gates.

Here we joined a good-natured taxi queue full of humour, taking last minute photographs and so to Liverpool Street Station and away through deepest East Anglia, past 'maltings and saltings, stack and quay', home to North Norfolk and Mundesley-on Sea.