National Coastwatch - Mundesley
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Listed below are some of the incidents that members of National Coastwatch - Mundesley have been directly involved with since the Station opened in 1995:
Mundesley Incidents
(of Southampton)
Did You Know.......?

"Knots" (as a speed at sea) ....are derived from the knots on a "Log-line" (spaced 47 feet 3 inches apart), used in conjunction with a "Sand-glass". 

The speed of a ship was measured by casting the log-line over the stern of the vessel, and counting the number of knots which ran out during the sand-glass interval (28 seconds).
Missing children
Body on the beach
Aircraft in difficulty
Injured person on the beach
Vessel adrift
Youth on beach with loaded gun
Youngsters on airbed drifting out to sea
Local crab boat and tractor stuck on beach
Bomb stuck on groynes (local houses evacuated)
Missing elderly persons
Man overboard from passing ferry
14" live mine on beach
Pile of clothing and remains of abandoned picnic on beach
Overturned yacht
Oiled seabirds
Overdue yacht and diveboats
Live 5" cartridge on beach
Length of dangerous wire on beach
Jellyfish stings
Cat stuck on cliff edge
Vessel on fire
Vandal damage to vehicles in car park
Vandal damage to council buildings
Vandal damage to beach huts
Local fishing boat in difficulty
Injured and dangerous fox on beach
Lost property
Stray dogs
Dead fish along shoreline
Yacht off Mundesley with inexperienced crew
Yacht running short of fuel
Youngsters stranded on sandbank with incoming tide
Injured seals and seabirds
Swimmers too far offshore
Vessel discharging oil
Jet skiers too near swimmers
Horse and rider casualty on beach
Unidentified objects in water
Lethal metal spikes uncovered on beach
Loss of North Sea Gas industry kit
Unmanned barge aground
Unidentified persons coming ashore from small fast craft
Damage to groynes and beacons
Missing and suicidal persons
Radar beacon on buoy not working
Local shop windows broken
Drums of chemicals on beach
Rescue of Deer swimming out to sea
Person missing from diveboat
Surf-boarder in difficulty
Dead seals on beach (phocine distemper virus)