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National Coastwatch - Mundesley
Would you like to join us?

No previous experience is necessary to become a Watchkeeper.  You will be given all the training you need, learning at your own speed.  If you decide to join us as a member, you will become an important part of the national search and rescue operation, and a vital link in the security of our coastline through contact with HM Coastguard.  You will be joining a dedicated band of volunteers who will be delighted to welcome you.

Initially you will be invited to join an experienced Watchkeeper to have a look at what happens during a normal watch of two hours.  If then, you are still interested, you will be able to attend on a more regular basis with an experienced Watchkeeper to begin your training.  You will be given an Induction and Training Manual to help you understand the role, and to work through a programme at your own speed.  Station training sessions are held regularly, where you will learn and practice techniques.  You will also meet other team members, as all are encouraged to attend these training sessions.

When you feel ready to be assessed, you can become a Watchkeeper in your own right.  If at any time during this period you decide that Coastwatch is not for you, then of course you are free to leave.

Alternatively, if watchkeeping isn't your scene, you could join us as an Associate member to help in fund raising and organising Coastwatch stalls at local events, etc.

For further details and a chat about the job, please speak to either:
The Station Manager, Duncan Mackenzie - tel.: 01263 721184
or Assistant Managers, Jane Allen - tel.:  01263 722820
or Peter Molyneux - tel.: 01263 478226
or you can use our Contact Form                 

Each Coastwatch station is responsible for funding  its own running costs, equipment purchase and maintenance, telephone, heating, lighting, licence fees, equipment insurance, training its members to nationally recognised standards and providing members and public liability insurance through itís membership fees to the National Coastwatch Institution.

Currently, National Coastwatch - Mundesley raises most of its income from collections throughout the year at various superstores in Cromer, North Walsham and Stalham.  These collections are undertaken by  the Watchkeepers who do this in addition to their normal duties.  However, the sums collected are usually just enough to cover the day to day expenses of the station.

Any additional money raised and donated through special projects is used for the repair and replacement of existing equipment, for the purchase of any further items of specialist equipment and for training members.

Donations from individuals, companies and groups wishing to raise funds on our behalf are always welcome.

As a registered charity we are able to claim Gift Aid on any donations made, if you are a taxpayer.
For information on how you can make a donation please click here             
Can You Help?
The Devil's Throat

About 10 miles off of our part of the Norfolk coast lie the Haisboro Sands, a notorious stretch of sandbanks that have claimed many lives over the years.

Daniel Defoe wrote that it was "the terror of sailors", and the coastline from Cromer down to Happisburgh became known as "The Devil's Throat".
You can download a copy of our Volunteer Application Form HERE